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Traditionally the flat camping ground at the base of the valley floor has been known as the “Family” camping area. It’s a section of the event venue that we encourage those with kids to camp. A section aimed at people who like and earlier night in order to start bright and early the next day Read full post …



Tickets for the 2014 Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge are now for sale. Tickets prices range from FREE to $130 for the full weekend with different prices for Adults (over 17 yo), Children (12 to 16 yo) and Kids (under 12 yo). Tuff truck continues to encourage the family atmosphere at the event by letting Read full post …



Download the Timetable as a PDF (for printing) Friday 8 April 2011 Start End S1: Verification 7 am 2 pm Gates Open To Public (entry/exit) 10 am 12 am Exhibitors Alley & Tuff Truck Merchandise Store 10 am 6 pm Public Catering 12 pm 8 pm “Pre-paid” Catering – Lunch 12 pm 2 pm S2: Read full post …