Competitor 2023 Nomination Form

Please read the Nominations Process before starting this form.

NOTE: Read the notes beside each field. This info is used on the website, program guide and by media outlets. Please use correct CaPiTaL lettering - use the "shift" key on your keyboard. Get it looking right!

Team Details
Choose your name wisely (as it will be used everywhere). Changing your name later will force your Facebook "likes" to be reset. Type is as you want it to appear - cASiNg matters!
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In 200 words or less, tell us why your team should be selected to compete in the TTC
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Yes I have read and understood the Tuff Truck Rules
Yes I will most likely have kids (under 18yo) camping with the team in the pits
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Driver Details
Your regular Australian State Govt issued licence
If your larger than this, please contact us.
If you (or nav) change size between now and the event, please contact us.
Navigator Details
If your nav is larger than this, send them out on some rock-packing exercise, or contact us
Vehicle Details

The following information will be used to promote your nominations to the public, for promotional purposes and in the event program. Please ensure information is correct and reflects the profile you wish to portray to the media and public.

The original manufacture, eg. Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, etc.
The original model, eg. 60 Series Landcruiser, GQ Patrol, Sierra, etc.
Rear Steer Portal Axles Hydraulic Suspension Front Disconnect Rear Disconnect
Use a new line for each mod
NOTE: maximum file size for uploads is 2MB, if you photo is larger than 2MB or competing this form on a mobile device, please send your photo to [email protected]

Only submit images that you are authorised to use from the copyright holder and can gain written permission if requested. Tuff Truck / Offroad Images photos are acceptable.

Privacy: In marketing the event some of your personal details will be made public. Currently this includes:

  • Driver full name
  • Navigator full name
  • Driver suburb and state

In the event of an incident, or when required by law, your complete personal details maybe shared with our partners or authorities.

If you have an concerns about your privacy, please contact us before submitting this form.