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Team Name:
Bright Sparks Motorsport
Chris Tierney
East Kurrajong, NSW
Toyota 40 series Landcruiser
Engine Capacity:
Engine Type:
Supercharged V6
Tyre Size:
  • Rear Disconnect
  • Front Disconnect
  • Rear Steer
  • Atlas
  • Turbo 700
  • 9 inch diffs with Dana 60 outers
  • Race runner air shocks
Past Competition Experience:
  • Have competed in and been involved in organizing various club competitions since 2000 such as Willowglen, Nissan Trials, Woodpecker and Toperi Challenges
  • Tuff Truck 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011
  • WERock Australia 2015
Why would you like to compete?

We have competed previously in Lego Lux but now have a new build we want to christen on the rocks at Tuff Truck. After a long break from competing we are keen to be back!

  • JMW Engineering
  • JT Mifsud Electrical & Communications
  • PeopleQuest Consulting

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